Affiliate Program

All Inner Core Waiting List members have automatically been assigned an Affiliate number and link. ( To see your profile, log-in and from Home page

 go to: Affiliates > Edit Details)

 (To qualify to receive for any affiliate commission check from THIS site should those begin to be awarded, please complete the form below.)

 As a Waiting List member, you can invite your own contacts to Your Global Waiting List for Free, even if you are not yet a private Candidate!


Here's how the Waiting List works:

Members will be invited to join any openings on Inner Core Teams as they come up, typically on a Saturday or Sunday.

The Admin will assign Waiting List members who have demonstrated that they are most ready to begin and to keep their Agreements, including funding and inviting their own Candidates.

Members will be chosen for invitation based on the following 3 criteria.:

1) Generally, first-in, first-invited, except - -

2) Those with the most  contacts who have joined the Waiting List via their affiliate link will be invited first (before someone who has not yet shared this site with others)

Priority will be given based on your Number of PAID ($2) members under your affiliate link,

so as not to make all those people continue to wait for a spot. 

... then based on your Number of Free Members

3) Waiting list members who have put $155 funds in Escrow at will be chosen over those who have not, therefore go closer to the top of the invitation list, after other Candidates who have reserved those funds.  

If you have had funds in escrow for more than 30 days you will be able to have access to them at any time after that. 


So your best chance of being invited to take the next available position in this sure-thing residual program is to put the funds in escrow and begin inviting via your link. 

FOR DIRECTIONS for the EXCROW option, please use the Contact Form to contract Admins. 

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