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But WHY should I join? And - WHY should any marketer join? (Network, Affiliate, both or either)

Profile of an experienced Network Marketer

Anyone who had ever earned any significant part-time network marketing income has a lot of the following in common:



  • committed to marketing and promotion, AND
  • intent on finding OTHERS so committed, and you . . .
  • DON'T MIND running a home-based BUSINESS and (dang it) think that no one else should mind it either, if they want to get paid -- Well, great! If you are thus committed, go for one of "those" plans. Best of luck to you.

OR . . .


... you can start with our INNER CORE UN-BUSINESS SYSTEM here, with us, and build a solid income foundation !


Look at these shocking facts from a recent study published on 2015 that surveyed 2,350 affiliates*:

The majority of the affiliates has a 4-year degree. YES. Affiliates are clever and YOU as an Internet Marketer must deliver CLEVER TOOLS to them.

Over 53% of the affiliates were married and from them over 60% had kids. Married people appreciate their time differently than everyone else. Time is PRECIOUS when you have kids or just a wife or a husband to take care of. Thus, affiliates need tools to make the most of their efforts in less time available.

The majority of the affiliates was NEW BLOOD to affiliate marketing: over 43% of them started their affiliate endeavours after 2011 (with 23.63% starting on 2014!) Those affiliates need NEW tools they can trust. YOU can be the SOURCE to them!

Affiliate marketing is effective because it's an one-man-show. The majority of affiliates (78.42%) works alone, hence a personal tone exists or it should exist between you and your affiliates. They demand trust from you and this is why you need to offer trusted solutions to them.

Affiliates appreciate TIME. They need to control their efforts at the most time saving way. What's better than delivering to them all the information they need in your JV pages as well as with email swipes and banners? The answer is simple.

"Nothing personal; just business" - that's what applies to affiliate marketing. When an affiliate program has denied the affiliate, they typically move on. Time is money. Remember? You have 1 chance to allure affiliates and the best way to do so is to provide them materials they can instantly use at their most benefits.

Continuous communication: Affiliates prefer to receive email messages from vendors much often. You need to keep them updated and offer them new tools and materials they can use for maximizing the good results of their efforts. Maintaining a notification list is a must for your business with your affiliates your JV Pages must offer them a way to sign up with your list.

Most of the affiliates are technical savvy - since over 38% of them promotes Computers and Electronics. That means affiliates can easily grasp the value of what you offer to them. Rest assured they will love this software.

Estimates predict that by 2017, approximately 10 percent of all U.S. retail sales will happen online. That's a total cash equivalent of $370 billion. And some call that a conservative estimate. (Source: Forrester Research)

80 percent of people who use the Internet buy online. (Source: Forrester Research)