CANDIDATES: Once You are Introduced to a Benefactor, you gain access to ALL list-building and cash-raising benefits. 


One Free Affiliate Program for all avoids anyone having to host or build their own web site to get started.  

Anyone can earn money the first day.  

The two mini-systems, or Cash Cows, one in Personal Development niche, the other in the Network Marketing Education niche, will pay you directly into your PayPal account.

Each package is an incredible value (individual books selling for 3 times this price elsewhere online), and thus converts very well. But besides earning directly into their PayPal Accounts, their unique email account will then receive plenty of email inquiries and offers from the free classified ads, thus building their Short-List. 

Just $10 each (and your candidates don't even need to buy the books themselves - they can join for FREE, start posting ads and making money the first day - direct to their PayPal accounts)

- - No site to set up, all visits via your unique affiliate link are tagged and credited to our Free Affiliates.    No muss, no fuss - each affiliate makes up to 89% after paypal fees, money which they can then easily leverage into their Contractor expenses (which just means funding their own Candidates / Team members.) 

Once they receive an invitation, our Private Waiting List members also get Free video training on How to Use Craigslist Effectively including basics like setting up a separate gmail account, a Craigslist account, where to post ads for each niche, and how to post an ad in 5 to 10 minutes. 

1)  They'll sign up as a Free Affiliate.

2)  Any Free Affiliate may choose to purchase either of the packages for $9.99 through their own link. (if only to prove to themselves they are well worth the sales price). The first sale goes to Administrators to keep the System up and running, and the subsequent 9 sales goes directly to their PayPal Account. So for 10 sales made through their link, they earn $90.00 which works out to up to 89% after paypal fees.)

Special Editions of 3 classic ebooks on each sales page, built-in fulfillment system, targeting three niches - Personal DevelopmentNetwork Marketers, and general work-from-home Opportunity-Seekers.  


They are designed to be offered via short classifieds on free LOCAL classified sites. 

Open one Gmail account, one Craigslist and one BackPage account for each, if you like.

JOIN NOW FOR ONLY $2.00 - (rembursed by your inviter. )

(Also, see "The Art of Selling Shovels" explanation)

AFFILIATE TOOLS - NOW Available to you, as a member of this Global Waiting List for Funding - 

1) Once you've joined, you can send up to 10 invites at a time to your existing contacts from the software built into this site... and it waill show that it is sent from YOUR preferred email address, not a generic domain email. 

Their only call-to-action is visiting and joining this site. There is a field to paste your Global Waiting List Affiliate Link above the body of the message. 

2) To build contacts interested in what we're doing, besides all the typical affiliate tools -- banners, email copy, tweets, text-links, signatures , you can now embed your Global Affiliate Link into the most current version of the 20-page Un-Business e-report and send that to your personal mailing list- 

  • HINT:  This is a non-threatening way to get your list a lot of information about our concept, without spending a dime, letting the ideas percolate, and deciding for themselves if they'd like to at least get on your Global Waiting List for a measly couple of bucks. 

Again, you can send copies out attached to an email as a follow-up to your close contacts, and automatically include your affiliate/members link from this site.


JOIN NOW FOR ONLY $2.00 - rembursed by your inviter. 

(Also, see "The Art of Selling Shovels" explanation)