A Very Advanced "Shovel" – See “The Art of Selling Shovels.


Here's the analogy in a nutshell:  Shovels are in high demand by prospectors who are already excited about digging for gold.

A shovel is a tool they need to reach the gold.

In this example, the "Shovel" that they, as online marketers, need to find gold (e-commerce sales) is in the form of their own, personal Pre-Launch site, that fills up with highly-qualified Leads.


First, you (and they) pay no more than a couple of bucks to gain access to qualified leads.

Then - Would you believe it? We reimburse that same $2.00 !

We give it right back!

So actually, this Personal Pre-Launch System converts any raw contacts that you refer to it, into Qualified Leads. 

You can send the invitation out to anyone who's ever emailed you (mere "suspects")

- it appears to come directly from your email address to theirs - not from our site.

They join for $2.00, themselves, becoming PROSPECTS.

Then, and only then, do you ever pay $2 for each lead ...

YET FOR that $2 each – You Get Excellent, Fully-Qualified Leads focused on One, Specific Program – YOURS! (OUR Global opportunities, both programs).


(HINT – $10 MAY BE YOUR ONLY LEADS EXPENSE!! These leads and connected systems work so well together, that you may only EVER need 5 of these highly-qualified leads to set-up your residual income for life, from this very system).

And get this -- Rather than getting stale by the minute, these leads actually grow in value over the few days or weeks following your $2.00 purchase/reimbursement.  That's because:

  1. They're educating themselves about our program AND using the powerful sharing tools within, to locate, qualify, and then "buy" their own "leads"!

  2. They're building and preparing their Short-List, all the while waiting for you to get invited onto a benefactor's Private Waiting List for personal funding.  Why would they start all over again? They can't get invited any sooner than from your invitation (as long as you've got your short-list formed or forming).

  3. They know that if they just do their part (which can mean simply recycling their own contacts they've invited HERE, giving them another chance by sending emails out to them from our PRIVATE system)-- they're guaranteed to get more introductions.

  4. In case their efforts weren't enough to fill their own team , they are guaranteed MORE qualified Global-wide leads over and above the ones they contact themselves, to assure they get enough free-trial taker Candidates to fill their team.

  5. They are further motivated by understanding the Program is safe enough to help their own family members – that no one can fail to be paid if they follow directions and perform the required, monitored actions.

YOU only "buy the lead" (that is, reimburse them via PayPal) once they SHOW they're qualified, by:

  • signing up on YOUR list and

  • "coughing up a couple of bucks," first, themselves .  This means, actually paying two dollars to join us.

  • So you have a "buyer" lead -
    • (A) they have purchased something and
    • (B) they have the PayPal (or alternate International provider) account already, so you know that they're able to participate and join your team after you're invited.


Result – You get your own, personal Web 2.0 Pre-Launch complete with prospects (qualified from raw names and emails that you insert) - meaning they're users that are highly-motivated to add prospective affiliates to YOUR Pre-Launch.

(At the heart of the "Web 2.0" model, including Social Networking sites, is the motivation for users of a site you control -- to add their own "content" and thus attract more traffic to what is essentially your own numbered site, making it more and more valuable) This is in addition to your Global list-building site. 

AND ... What's the best possible "content" in this case?

MORE QUALIFIED (PAID) LEADS for your organization, of course!

and, YES, there are separate list-building sites - one for Global members, one for a US-only Public List, and one for ALL Private Waiting List members, to further support all Candidates' activities.  


JOIN NOW FOR ONLY $2.00 (rembursed by your inviter. )* 

*You will only pay a total of $10 out-of-pocket to reimburse 5 prospective Team-members. 

** Then to become a full-fledged benefactor, you will need as little as $55, to no more than $130 total out-of-pocket to get into profit - unless you choose to use Escrow.com which charges another $25.